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assessing the environmental impacts of coal mining

hard to assign economic values to all socio-economic impacts from UG and OC mining. This paper provides a methodology for comparison of the social and economic costs of UG and OC mining. Section 2 of this paper presents an overview of some potential impacts of coal mining on environmental, social and economic systems focusing on UG and OC mining.

quantification of environmental impacts f coal mining

Mar 25, 2020 Opencast mining, also known as surface mining or strip mining, has disadvantages that include disturbance of the environment and local ecosystems, exposure of radioactive elements and contamination of freshwater sources. The use of heavy machinery and blasting techniques also create environmental pollution.

environmental impacts by mining activities environmental

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is carried out to assess the effects of any project/activity on the environment. In a typical coal mining area, the mining activities disturb the flora and fauna of the region. Thus, air, water, soil, topography, land-use/land-cover (LULC) including vegetation patterns are affected severely. To assess the

the environmental impact of opencast coal mining

May 26, 2015 A year later, the devastating effects of coal-fired power, fed by vast opencast coal mines that decimate water resources, biodiversity and productive agricultural land, remain frighteningly evident. A thick layer of smog lies over large parts of the Highveld much more visible from the air than by those who have no choice but to breathe it.

environmental impacts of an opencast mine

degradation due to coal mining. In order to deal with environmental problems, industries including mining industries use the Environmental Management Systems (EMSs)-14001. Coal mining especially opencast mining creates much more adverse impacts on environment. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the appropriate tool to evaluate the

environmental impact weighs heavy on opencast mining

(2013). Prediction of soil erosion from waste dumps of opencast mines and evaluation of their impacts on the environment. International Journal of Mining, Reclamation and Environment Vol. 27, No. 2,

what are the disadvantages of opencast mining

OBJECTIVES To answer the question whether living near opencast coal mining sites affects acute and chronic respiratory health. METHODS All 4860 children aged 111 from five socioeconomically matched pairs of communities close to active opencast sites and control sites away from them were selected. Exposure was assessed by concentrations of particulate matter with aerodynamic diameter

living near opencast coal mining sites and childrens

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a closer look at the environmental impact of bitcoin mining

miscetde_6315004, title Impact of opencast coal mining on water environment - a case study author Dhar, B B, Ratan, S, and Jamal, A abstractNote In the pursuit for rapid industrial growth in India the consumption of coal as an energy resource has increased manifold. In comparison to coal production, much less attention is paid to the ecological aspects in the coal mining industry.

impact of opencast coal mining on water environment a

The Yimin opencast coal mine was selected to conduct a case study. The production of 100 tons of coal was used as the functional unit to evaluate the environmental risks in the stages of stripping, mining, transportation, processing, and reclamation. A total of six environmental impact categories, i.e., resource consumption, acidification ...

impacts of opencast coal mine and mine fire on the trace

Impacts of opencast coal mine and mine fire on the trace elements content of the surrounding soil vis- -vis human health risk Reginald E. Masto Environmental Management Division , Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research, Digwadih Campus (previously Central Fuel Research Institute) , Dhanbad 828108 , Jharkhand , India Correspondence ...

reclamation of degraded landscapes due to opencast mining

Jul 01, 2013 2. The effects of opencast mining activities on environment and human health. Mining is important for local and global economy, but this operation mostly and inevitably leads to substantial environmental damage and due to these kinds of activities, original potential of

impacts of mining on our environment with remedial measures

Sub-bituminous coal, Bituminous coal and Anthracite. Open cast mining and underground mining (room pillar, long wall, drift, shaft, slope mining) are some types of coal mining. Proper Environment impact assessment of coal mining is very important and here we take

eea underground and opencast coal mining operations

The impacts of various mining and associated activities on the environmental components are discussed briefly in the following paragraphs Ecological Impacts of Opencast Mining 1. Removal of all vegetation (flora) and thereby fauna from the area required for mining and other purposes. 2.

environmental impact assessment of open pit mining in

JW/docdm-418928 - aee for underground and opencast coal mining operations 1 Initial Assessment 1.1 Introduction This environmental assessment shall be used to determine the natural and historic values of the land / area detailed in the applicants mining proposal and the effects

what is the environmental impact of the mining industry

Dhar, B. B. 1990, Environmental impact assessment and management of Singrauli mining complex with special reference to air and water, Proc. Indo-US Workshop on Environmental Management Planning for Singrauli Coalfield singrauli, M.P., India, pp 4957.

environmental risks of mining massachusetts institute of

Aug 26, 2008 The environmental impact of mining operations. The effects of open-pit mining and mineral processing plants on the environment include land degradation, noise, dust, poisonous gases, pollution of water, etc. (Dudka and Adriano 1997 ). Figure 1 shows typical pathways of common pollutant transfer from a tailing dam or from a processing plant to a ...

air pollution due to opencast coal mining and its

Apr 25, 2017 Environmental Impacts Of Mining . As mentioned previously, mining activities can harm the environment in several ways. These are as follows Air Pollution . Air quality is adversely affected by mining operations. Unrefined materials are released when mineral deposits are exposed on the surface through mining.

environmental consequences of open pit mining

Disadvantages of open pit mining. One of the main disadvantages of this type of mining operation is the environmental impact it causes. Since cyanide, mercury and sulfuric acid are used to remove the wastewater, groundwater and air are contaminated as toxic dust . This is absorbed by animals and plants.

environmental pollution in coal mining and its mitigation

Environmental hazards are present during every step of the open-pit mining process. Hardrock mining exposes rock that has lain unexposed for geological eras. When crushed, these rocks expose radioactive elements, asbestos-like minerals, and metallic dust. During separation, residual rock slurries, which are mixtures of pulverized rock and ...

environmental impact assessment of mining projects

Jan 01, 2015 Environmental impacts of mining operation at individual site may be local phenomena, but numerous mining sites clustered at a particular area may eventually led to environmental problems of larger magnitude. Large scale opencast mining operations in the study area disturb the land by directly removing mine wastes during excavation and ...

environmental impacts of lithium extraction

the environmental impacts of open-pit mining and placer mining, but still entail environmental impacts associated with purification (beneficiation) of metals from the waste piles. 1.1.4 Disposal of overburden and waste rock In almost every project, metallic ores are

impacts of coal mining a review of methods and parameters

opencast coal mining and a perspective on relevant structure plan policies. The article closes with a brief review of the main planning issues arising from opencast coal mining, emphasising once more the importance of local variations in environmental impact and the dangers of making generalisations.

landscape disfigurement from opencast mining world

relief conditions of the environment of the mine. The mine itself was created in the northern side of the Som-hill having an elevation of 500 m. The excavation zone starts at 165 m and reaches up to 275 m. The opencast mining started from 1958 pro-duced a 500-600 m wide scar while the overburden material builds up new hills in

prediction of soil erosion from waste dumps of opencast

degradation due to coal mining. In order to deal with environmental problems, industries including mining industries use the Environmental Management Systems (EMSs)-14001. Coal mining especially opencast mining creates much more adverse impacts on environment. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the appropriate tool to evaluate the

life cycle assessment of opencast coal mine production a

of the hour. Environmental impact assessment (EIA) pl ays a crucial role in resolving the conflicts1. Thus, it is necessary to assess the impacts on air environment due to opencast coal mining so that proper meti gative measures could be implemented. However there is no well-defined method of assessing the impacts on air

environment impact assessment of coal mining

Mar 14, 2012 By its very nature, open pit mining (also known as strip mining and opencast mining) is environmentally destructive. Surface mining operations, especially those that are large-scale, always alter and disturb the Earths surface, even if what are usually euphemistically known as effective mitigation measures are applied and the site is restored to a condition said to approach or ...

acid mine drainage control in an opencast coal mine

May 11, 2012 Environmental impact weighs heavy on opencast mining operations. Opencast mining has become increasingly unpopular with non-governmental organisations and government authorities owing to its high ...

advantages and disadvantages of open pit mining

Feb 25, 2008 Over-burden to coal ratio in the open cast mining is about 2 m 3 /tonne of coal or sometime more. Therefore, the quantum of overburden generated and its proper management is the main concern area in dealing with the environmental issue of opencast coal mines. (6) Deforestation As explained, the requirement of land for a big opencast coal ...

11 phases of a mining project elaw

Mar 17, 2009 A typical scopingmatrix is presented (as encountered in some of the opencast mining projects) in Annexure 1 showingthe scoping of environmental impacts with the components of development. Description of environmental setting with respect to above environmental impacts in the projectarea requires the collection of baseline (pre-mining) data.