For the second consecutive year, the Bourgogne Tribal Show is hosting an extra-European art exhibition in the prestigious settings of Cluny Abbey’s Farinier. Entitled Childhood, the two-week long exhibition will see around thirty artworks from all over the world gathered inside this wonder of Romanesque architecture.

The layout has been contrived to meet both the expectations and curiosity of the public. Informative leaflets will also be made available to visitors.

  • Ngwallndu ancestral spirit figure
    Southern Abelam, Wosera area, Jama village, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea
    Pre-contact, stone-carved, 241 cm, between 1635 and 1809
    Ex. Philip Goldman, London, collected in the 1950s. Ex. JOLIKA Collection of Marcia and John Friede Courtesy of Adrian Schlag - Tribal Art Classics © Adrian Schlag - Tribal Art Classics